What’s Happening

school rocks picture with bracelet

Check out this handsome kid with his sweet braces and his cool Ward Orthodontics bracelet! And check out these to-do’s so you can get ready for the SCHOOL ROCKS event!

1 - You must have a bracelet to participate in the School Rocks Event. Bracelets are available for a $1 donation at Ward Orthodontics!

2 - Get your scavenger-hunt-senses tuned up and be sure to tune in to Instagram and Facebook on Saturday, October 5th to get the clue to where the rocks are hidden!

3 - Once you find the location of the scavenger hunt, you will be given a flier with instructions on where to look. There will be multiple rocks hidden at the location - some from our generous donors @sipsnsweettreats @canyonrimcreamery @kbs_burritostwinfalls ...and the grand prize rock worth $1,500! - $500 for your school, $500 for a favorite teacher, and $500 for YOU!!! #schoolrocks #jointhehunt #wardorthodontics

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