Offering iTero as Your Trusted Orthodontist

As an orthodontic practice, we understand the concerns of our patients. Having your teeth worked on is an unpleasant experience for a lot of people, and when you need impressions, you might have nightmares about gagging on the putty. The good news is, as your orthodontist in Twin Falls, ID, Ward Orthodontics has a better solution. Align Technology’s iTero® digital impression system is a replacement for messy, gaggy putty impressions.

How iTero Works

Without the need for putty or trays, iTero makes getting impressions for your orthodontic treatment a pleasant experience. It works like this:

  1. 3D images are taken of your bite and teeth using a digital scanner.
  2. We come up with a personalized treatment plan using the digital images, with very specific aspects being looked at for your orthodontic purposes.
  3. We create bracket trays that are completely customized to your digital impressions. These trays give us the flexibility to place all the brackets on your teeth at once, rather than one after another.
  4. If Invisalign is your chosen orthodontic treatment plan, we send the 3D impressions to our lab partner where your aligners will be made.

The Benefits of iTero Impressions

As you might already realize, the iTero digital impression method is beneficial in many ways. For example, the technology allows us to be extremely accurate with the shape of your teeth, and also gets you out of the orthodontic chair sooner. As a less invasive option, many patients are more comfortable during the process. Customization and visualization allows us to provide every patient with a unique and personalized experience. As if that’s not enough, iTero digital impressions are created with one of the most advanced technologies when it comes to 3D imaging.

Contact Us With Questions

To have your questions answered about iTero, or to schedule an appointment, contact Ward Orthodontics today at 208-734-4314. We look forward to showing you how modern technology can make a world of difference for your smile.